Tasting notes from the Czech craft beer tasting in Hamburg

Well, we tasted 22 beers on Saturday and I’ve now had a chance to recover (ahem) and collate the notes and scores from the beers. Given the differences in experience of the tasting group, I’ll limit myself to to some general observations.

Alles Elbe-5

The 22 beers were divided into 11 flights, each of 1-3 beers. 18 came from the Czech Republic and 4 from Hamburg, Germany. Where possible, similar beers (sort and strength) were tasted against each other. The tasting samples were approx 50 mls per beer. All were served blind.

We tried 1 weizen, 11 lagers, 4 dark lagers, 3 Ales, 2 IPAs and 1 flavoured beer. 12 producers were represented of which 10 were from the Czech Republic and 2 from Hamburg.

As a group, the dark lagers did best, with three scoring in the top five. The IPAs came next. Lagers and ales were equally well regarded.

Regarding the producers, Pivovar Kout, Pivovar Matuška and Pivovar Konrad were the most favoured. On average, German brewers underperformed against the Czech Brewers.

For the larger categories (i.e. where more than one beer was represented), the best were:

Best Ale: Matuška Apollo Galaxy. Amber in colour, with a fine, fruity aroma, cpmplex hop notes with citrus and fresh marmelade predominating.
Best Dark Lager: Koutský tmavé. Dark brown beer, very tasty with rich malty character, slight caramel notes in background, good length
Best lager: Pivovar Konrad Spytihněv. Amber, some caramel notes, fine concentrated aromatic hops, full bodied, long and balanced.
Best IPA: Matuška Zlatá Raketa. intense nose, green mint notes with underlying citrus tones, on palate citrus predominating, fine, dry finish.

After the tasting, we invited participants to a spontaneous barbeque on the terrace, where the rest of the preferred bottles quickly disappeared.

Thanks all for coming and enjoying!

Watch this spot for our next tasting, coming soon.



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